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Resilient Flooring: Cost-effective, Beautiful, and Longer Lasting

Resilient Flooring


When you’re designing a space that will have public use, you want to include flooring that’s cost-effective, beautiful, and resilient. In many cases, the type of flooring that best meets all of those requirements is vinyl tile.


Today’s premium vinyl tile uses the latest technology to ensure that it works well in virtually every situation. Vinyl is an extremely durable material, built to last and to wear well. It’s also easily maintained, with no waxing required and only a mild cleaning solution and water necessary for cleaning. Premium vinyl manufacturers are also creating tiles that are safer and greener, as well as specialty tiles for specific situations.


Loose Lay Tiles


One of the most versatile and resilient types of tiles are known as loose lay. These tiles can be used with or without adhesive so that they can be placed in temporary locations and over raised access floor panels. One of the great advantages of loose lay tiles is that they are thicker than regular vinyl tiles, designed to work well in spaces where both carpeted areas and tiled areas are desired. Loose lay tiles are approximately ¼” or 5 millimetres thick, making them the same thickness as standard carpet tiles. This means that the transition from a carpeted area to a tiled one is smooth and simple, with no need for transitioning pieces in co-joined areas. It also means that tiles can be fully integrated into areas where high wear and tear is expected on the carpet, such as at doorways or as chair pads near desks.


Loose lay tiles are also very useful for sound abatement in open concept areas, large rooms, or high-rise applications. The thicker tiles are more sound absorbent and reduce distracting echoes and unnecessary sound spill.


In addition, thicker tiles add more cushioning to the floor, so they provide comfort in spaces where employees may be standing or walking for extended periods of time.


Loose lay tiles withstand heavy traffic, although for heavy rolling loads, it’s recommended that tiles be secured with adhesive. In the rare case when irreparable damage does occur, or if the space is being reconfigured, it’s easy to lift loose lay tiles or move them to different locations.


Better companies offer these tiles in a wide range of colours, patterns, and shapes, including chevron, hexagonal, square, and plank, allowing designers the opportunity to create geometric patterns or to steer patrons in particular directions.


Premium Vinyl Tiles


Of course, when choosing a company to work with, be sure to select a manufacturer with a reputation for excellence. Better companies use safer ingredients during manufacture and produce products that include eco-friendly elements, such as a percentage of recycled material or low VOC emissions.


In a space where the public will be present, safety is a major concern. New glass bead technology gives premium vinyl tiles a rich, matte appearance, and also makes them slip resistant. Specialty tiles designed for healthcare applications contain silver, a non-toxic way of controlling the spread of bacteria, mould, and fungus.


Vinyl tiles can’t be surpassed if resilient flooring is what you’re looking for. Contact a premium manufacturer today and learn more about what they have to offer.

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